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Born and raised in Sardinia Italy Coach Cello came to the US to pursue his education in San Antonio, Texas. After completing his under grad in nutritional studies he went on to complete his masters in biomedical engineering and eventually earned his PHD. 


Coach Cello started playing soccer from a young age non agonistically. Soccer is one of his greatest passions and led him to coaching  rec and select teams for the past 5 years.


When he's not coaching you will find Cello on his mountain bike, enjoying the outdoors, or playing the drums. 


Coach Cello leads the U8 program as it expands.

Coach Angie is the newest coach in the Elite lineup. Coach Angie comes to us with her degree in early childhood development and has a passion for coaching kids the importance of whole health including nutrition, athletics and mindset. Angie has spent the last 18 years in business which has led her to coaching executive leaders where she places an emphasis on how physical health plays a role in leadership and having strong mental grit. 


Coach Angie took that passion for coaching kids and her personal passion of running and has been coaching for Girls On The Run for the last 6 years. 


Angie will support Elite in coaching endurance and mindset while helping launch the Elite girls teams.



Born in Bogota Colombia 🇨🇴 

Coach Bohorquez has played football since he was seven years old, starting his early pre-pro career in the late  90s, playing for teams like Maracaneiros, Bogota FC, Caterpillar Motors, and more; his Pro Football career started with Club Deportivo Los Millonarios. Unfortunately, a severe knee injury ended his journey way earlier than anticipated. But the love for the sport made him go to coaching school here in the US coach Bohorquez has been teaching kids and young adults for the last seven years.  



-Licensed coach 4v4 to 11v11 

-CPR licensed 

-Sports & Child Development


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